A Letter from Governor Chiles

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I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your successful efforts to bring the West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority and Southwest Florida Water Management District together in agreement on the Partnership Plan. The agreement reached between the boards just after midnight on April 21 signifies an important accomplishment, and I am hopeful it will lead to final approval of the plan.

While implementation of the Partnership Plan is contingent on the success of the West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority Governance Agreement, the plan and the associated funding by the district have provided an incentive for the Authority and its member governments to work through the difficult details of the governance agreement. The governance agreement is critical to addressing the water supply and water resource needs of the region. I have been impressed with the dedication and tenacity of the, member governments in identifying and resolving the potential obstacles to completing the governance agreement.

It is my understanding that the Authority's member governments will have voted on the governance agreement by April 30 and will vote on the Partnership Plan at the same time or soon afterward. I strongly encourage the approval of these documents, and I believe the relationships built during their development will ensure their successful implementation. Please convey my encouragement and support to your board members.

With kind regards, I am